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A show about the US Constitution from the perspective of an active duty military officer. This show will shine light on current political discourse through the lens of the Constitution. We'll explore what rights we all have and how to defend those rights. And we'll go back and explore the philosophy of the founders and how it still applies today.


Jun 23, 2022

In this episode, I answer the question: Does the 2nd Amendment apply to all bearable arms or just muskets? Many folks today believe the founders could never have imagined an AR-15 and would never support civilian ownership of one. I explore what it would be like if all Constitutional rights were treated this way. I talk about the success of insurgencies against superior fighting power. Most importantly, I explore the many 18th century "assault weapons" that existed when the 2nd Amendment was written.

I answer the question: Does the state or federal government have the right to decide who can and who cannot own a gun? Many don't know that the 2nd Amendment isn't the only provision of the Constitution that protects gun rights. The 14th Amendment is also an important bulwark against gun control. To be legitimate, any gun control measure must pass muster with the 14th Amendment's due process clause.

Finally, I debunk 4 common statistical myths that gun control activists love to regurgitate. #1 More guns = more murder. #2 Mass shooting are exceedingly common in US. #3 An "assault weapons" ban would solve gun violence. #4 Defensive uses of guns are very uncommon.

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